Healing Energies with Color and Gems

Gemstones – Buy Real Moldavite Stones For Sale, the living force of our mineral kingdom, are called gemstones. According to some, they are stores of cosmic energy that has been radiated to earth through the cosmos as well as other planets. You can think of them as the Earth’s connection to the other heavenly body. Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda, and Vedic Astrology teach that certain energies are harnessed in gems to boost a person’s quality life.

The white light of the sun is broken down into the seven visible colors, as seen in the rainbow. There are also two invisible rays called infrared (and ultraviolet) that can be detected. Ayurveda teaches that the health of the body should be balanced with these rays. When there is an imbalance of any of the cosmic rays in the body, diseases can begin to develop.

These cosmic-rays remain in great supply in natural gemstones. In reality, we don’t see the exact cosmic color of a gem. One simple way to find out the cosmic color is by looking through a prism. It is red and emerald-green, but ruby actually has a color similar to that of the emerald. Blue sapphire emits a violet, indigo and pink colors. Pearl transmits orange and yellow, as well as many other colors. Used in healing, the gems release concentrated colors into the physical and ethereal.

Vedic astrology, Ayurveda, and Vedic Ayurveda all speak to the importance of using gems specifically for amplifying cosmic energy. The right use of gems has a powerful effect on ones physical and psychological health. It is possible to use nine different gems, which transmit the light rays from visible and hidden colors. Ayurveda is well-known for its healing benefits. The following are the benefits and cosmic colors of these gems for health improvement and maintenance.

Ruby (transmits red light) emits powerful solar power that warms and stimulates.
Orange-coloured pearls transmit a gentle lunar energy to cool down and lubricate. It has the ability to combat dryness, increase respiration, soothe the soul and relax the mind.
Red Coral (transmits the yellow color) has the power to strengthen blood vessels, muscles, and bones. It’s also said to enhance male sexual energy. This is why it is often used for treatment of impotence.
Emerald (transmits a green color) is a soothing energy. It is helpful in the treatment of skin conditions like eczema and burns.
Yellow sapphire is blue-transmitting and fortifies the body. It promotes longevity and vitality. It works well as a “tonic” for strengthening your body. Particularly impressive results were seen with seniors.
Indigo is transmitted by diamond, and it’s energizing to your body. It improves lung function, and it can also help with infertility.
Blue sapphire (transmits violet colour) is known to cool, cleanse and detoxify the body. You will experience a tremendous calming energy. This is why it is used in many clinical treatments. Patients are often put to bed and awaken with freshness, increased vitality and a greater sense of calm.
Hessonite garnet, (transmits ultraviolet), strengthens and detoxifies nervous tissue.
Chysoberyl cats’eye (transmits INfrared) raises body temperature and removes toxins.

Gems work most well in “gem Therapy” lamps. However, the best use of gemstones is when they are infused with an electronic medical instrument. This device imposes an additional vibration onto the light and causes it to be directed on the patient’s body.

For energizing and soothing, leading resort spas use these lamps. These specific spa treatments can now also be used alongside facials, massages and other well-known spa treatments. Balaji Gem Instruments presented the “Navaratna Gem Lamps” as a complementary treatment to spa visitors and spa owners at an exhibition.

A well-known European magazine publisher stated that gem therapy was “the medicine of the future”. It is possible that his statement could have been quite prophetic.

Ayurvedic healing techniques are being utilized by many practitioners from different healthcare systems. This incredible way of revitalizing and healing the body is set to continue growing in popularity.

Howard Beckman (“Hamsavatar”) is a Vedic Astrologer & Planetary Geoologist who has led a full-time, 35 year-long practice. His abilities to read the soul of the person, forecast the future and suggest actions that will help, has made him well known in the world of astrology. As an American Counsel of Vedic Astrology tutor, and as founder of the Planetary Gemologist Association. Astrologer’s Astrologer is his nickname because he includes so many practicing and aspiring astrologers within his client base.

He is known for his unique expertise in suggesting remedial actions, including gems. Yantras and mantras. These are meant to direct and strengthen positive energies. His books included “An Intuition to Vedic Astrology”, Mantras, Yantras & Fabulous Gems”, “Vibrational Healing with Gems” and the only recognized course in Jyotish Gemtherapy. Together with Jennifer Yaogamaya Beckman he wrote the Ayurvedic Gem Therapy Correspondance Course.

Balaji GL108 Navaratna Lamp (the revolutionary Balaji GL108 Navaratna Lamp) was designed by Howard. The lamps hold precious gems. An electronic medical instrument, that imposes specific frequency for healing on different levels and has virtually no side effects, is also developed. Howard is The Vedic Cultural Fellowship’s Director and New Rishikesh Ashram’s Head. He lives in New Mexico, USA. While he teaches and practices there, he also travels extensively and shares his knowledge via lectures, workshops and retreats. Yogamaya will present a seminar on “The Three Sister Sciences”, which explains how the stars and subtle anatomy relate to our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.