Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods 2023

Carpets often rank among the most expensive decor in your home. They must be kept clean and neat at all times in order to create a welcoming atmosphere. Here are some top-rated Northern Beaches Carpet Cleaning options for 2023.

1. Hot Water Extraction Method/Steam Cleaning Method

Hot water detergent is applied at high pressure on carpets. After that, it’s quickly vacuumed of all soil and dirt. Spraying tools can usually be either mobile or truck-mounted. There are rotary and other tools that can be used to move the solution under the carpet.

Notice: This misleading term is steam cleaning. Carpets are never cleaned with actual steam. Heating the carpet with actual steam can cause more damage than good.

This requires expert assistance and should not been attempted at-home. Keep in mind that truck-mounted equipment needs to be powered from the vehicle’s engines, and not from domestic electrical supply. For best cleaning, it is better to use an electric brush. If the carpet is cleaned with a rotating, or even unsettling brush, you could end up with significant damage.

2. Shampooing / Detergent Method

A shampoo solution (or detergent) is then applied through cracks using a rotating brush. This rotating action on carpet allows for foaming and pushes it deeper into its carpet. Dry shampoo residue can be removed using a vacuum.

There are some problems with this technique.

For instance, some detergents may contain chemicals that are used for cleaning after-cleaning. These solutions can brighten the color of the product or speed drying.

It is possible to cause extensive damage by vacuuming in an improper manner.

You might need to quickly re-soil your carpet if you don’t clean it thoroughly.

3. Mixture of Hot Water Extraction and Shampoo Technique:

As its name indicates, it is a mixture of the two previous methods. It shouldn’t be used to clean carpets or rugs containing heavy oil.

The process consists of two key steps.

You can shampoo your carpet with a rotary brush. This will remove any dirt or soil that has accumulated.

Carpet can be hot-water extracted by using warm water rather than soap. You can use both detergent or water to deep clean your carpets. But, because this is labor intensive, the costs of cleaning will be significantly higher.

4. Spin Bonnet Cleaning Method:

This process is very similar to the Shampoo/Detergent method. An absorbent (spongy) pad is used to attach the bonnet to the bottom part of the rotary toothbrush machine. Once the detergent solution has dried, it is applied directly to the carpet with the help of a sprayer. Meanwhile, the rotary bonnet’ works by absorbing all dirt and soil. Once one side is stained, you can turn it around and continue to use the other. The ‘bonnet can then be removed from both ends and replaced by a fresh one.

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