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<p>Seattle's Substantial is no longer keeping its cards close to its chest and has announced that the Kickstarter success Exploding Kittens will finally release on the App Store tomorrow.</p><p>There's a stacked deck of quality card-battlers to compete against, but Exploding Kittens has already enjoyed incredible success. It reached its $20k funding target in just 20 minutes, then went on to make an astonishing $8,782,571 by the campaign closed.</p><p>As if that's not enough, it also became the most backed project of all time. Which is a scary thought.</p><p>Exploding Kittens is compared to Russian Roulette in that you will 'explode' if you draw a cat card. Well, that is unless you play a defuse card.</p><p>You can also skip your turn, attack other players, and pass the exploding cat to someone else. It's all quite strategic, really.</p><p>We can't confirm whether any animals actually blew up during the making of this game but, even if they did, they've got eight other lives to enjoy after it, so we're sure they'll be fine.</p>Exploding Kittens is out tomorrow for £1.49 / $1.99 on iOS..

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