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<p>The Room series are some of the finest games you can play on mobile, even to this day. This incredible puzzler started from a simple idea: using the touchscreen as a way to interact with a "box", uncovering each layer and solving each cryptic puzzle with your thumbs and wits.</p><p>The Room Two and Three expanded the idea with even more puzzles, multi-layered narratives and multiple endings to create a compelling world and backstory. Each one represents the crown jewel of mobile gaming: an incredible, tailor-made experience that benefits from touch while being suited perfectly for mobile devices.</p><p>Fireproof announced today on Twitter that a new entry in the series, dubbed The Room: Old Sins, is coming late 2017 to iOS and Android and it will be shown at EGX later this month.</p><p>We absolutely can't wait to see what new elements The Room: Old Sins will introduce but we can be quite sure that it'll be worth the wait.</p><p>We'll let you know when we hear more about it.</p>.

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