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<p>The Switch's Online service has been a bit of a weird affair for current users. Though we were only supposed to get the free trial for about a year, now we've got at least an inkling as to when we're going to have to pay up.</p><p>For those who don't know, the Online service is what you use to play with users over the internet, i.e. on Mario Kart or Splatoon 2. You'll also potentially get access to subscriber-only deals and offers. Last year we learnt that you'd be paying up to £/$/€19.99 for a 12-month membership which isn't a terrible amount by far.</p><p>Earlier today, Ninty's Financial Result Briefing (page 6) noted that the Online service is slated to begin in September 2018. Though there's not a ton of information on it, more details will apparently be posted in early May, so let's hope those prices and benefits all stay their ground.</p><p>Here's the full report:</p><p>"Nintendo Switch Online, a paid subscription service that will expand the online functionality of Nintendo Switch, will begin in September of this year. The service will provide consumers with a richness of online features that allow them to continuously enjoy Nintendo Switch. More information will be presented on our website in early May."</p>.

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