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<p>With the arrival of the Apple Watch one type of game seems to have risen to prominence: the retro game remake.</p><p>Frogger, Duck Hunt, and Tamagotchi have all had (unofficial) remakes on Apple's new smartwatch. Now another old game has been remade for it: Lights Out.</p><p>Called Singularity - Modern Lights Out, it takes the idea of the original 1995 puzzle game and makes it work on the Apple Watch's tiny screen.</p><p>In each of its 240 levels, you're given a grid of squares, some of which are lit up, and some that are dark. The idea is to turn all of the lights off to beat the level.</p><p>However, every time you tap a light to turn it off it causes other squares to light up. So you have to work out the order in which to turn the lights off to clear the grid.</p><p>In the game's latest update, Singularity's Classic mode got a new endless variant. The update also added the option to remove ads at a price, but it also gives you unlimited hints.</p><p>You can download Singularity - Modern Lights Out for free on the App Store right now. It can be played on iPhone and iPad as well as the Apple Watch.</p>.

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