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In this category, you can find the list of Mod apk Games developed for Android Adventure Games.

gta 4 no verification apk(MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo/Money) v1.8.9

gta 4 no verification apk(APK v2.16.17

Of wealth, of filial fear, law, kindred, fame!...
gta 4 no verification apk(APK v3.1.6

gta 4 no verification apk(MOD (Unlimited Money, Unlocked) v1.2.6

Nor youth all quit, but spite of heaven's fell rage...
gta 4 no verification apk(MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.4.8

gta 4 no verification apk(APK v1.0.5

<p>5th Cell is known for its brilliant and unique game Scribblenauts. A game in which you could type any word describing an object and make it appear in the game. It even got a mobile port at some point.</p><p>And while its sequels may have eventually got more complex and lost a bit of its charm, it's still so original that you can't help but feel the love of its creators.</p><p>Well, it seems that 5th Cell is in deep troubles as a massive number of employees have been laid off. They were all working on a new mobile title called Scribblenauts: Fighting Words that was in beta for a short while.</p><p>We don't have much informations about the game but it looks like a multiplayer game based in the Scribblenauts universe.</p><p>If you want to support 5th Cell, go check out Scribblenauts on your App Store.</p><p>[Source]</p>....
gta 4 no verification apk(MOD (Free Upgrade, Free Purchase) v2.5.3

gta 4 no verification apk(MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.09

<p>Meltan’s evolved form, which was teased in a video a few weeks back, was just revealed by the Pokemon Company. Meet Melmetal, a much larger and intimidating creature that evolves when enough Meltan fuse together.</p><p>Melmetal is a hulking Steel-type Pokemon weighing in at 1,763 pounds. Melmetal actually has ancient origins—it hasn’t been seen in 3,000 years. It’s said that the Pokemon was worshipped for its metal-making abilities. The mystical Pokemon learns a new Steel-type move called Double Iron Bash, in which Melmetal spins its arms to deal a double strike to its enemy. This move has the potential to make opponents flinch.</p><p>....
gta 4 no verification apk(MOD (Unlimited Food/DNA/Sugar) v3.4.1

gta 4 no verification apk(APK v1.00.0190

In Traffic Racer MOD APK, you can able to dive with 40+ new cars. Most of the games offer many different cars but do not provide a customizable option. You can customize your cars with available extra items in this game and paint the car with multiple colors. Change the wheels to improve car driving. Change the standard engine to high horsepower. Upgrade the power of the car to complete the race quickly....