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<p>Skiing Yeti Mountain, the challenging winter sports arcade game from Featherweight, is out now on Android and iOS tomorrow.</p><p>It's free and a whole lot of fun, with great controls that feel responsive and complex despite relying on simple swipes.</p><p>The goal of the game is simple, too. You ski down a snowy slope, avoiding trees and winding your way around red and blue posts.</p><p>You must pass red posts on the left side (your left, not the skier's) and blue posts on the right side. These posts have arrows to guide you.</p><p>If you can get to the finish line at the bottom of the obstacle course, then you pass the level.</p><p>As you can see in AppSpy's hands-on preview of Skiing Yeti Mountain, there are quite a few levels; at least 100 and we're not sure how many more.</p>.

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