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<p>You may be aware of Golf Zero already, and if you're not you'd better be, as we've finally got a first, albeit brief, trailer to fuel our buzz.</p><p><p>Golf Zero trailer ?? @braderkkila— Colin Lane (@ColinWLane) January 30, 2017 Mixing golf, platforming, and parkour may seem like an odd combination until you see it in the flesh, and Golf Zero is one of those miraculous hybrids which looks pretty damn cool. Obviously we've covered the game before, but seeing it in motion makes me want it in my, now.</p><p>It's easy to see the fluidity of this game. As the levels move pretty quickly, a problem with frame-rates like the Mega Man ports would be extremely difficult. However it's all looking promising as we work our way through 30 seconds of epic jumps and trick shots, popping balloons confidently before tip-tapping your ball into its hole.</p><p>From the same Twitter post it looks like we may not have too much longer to wait as the developers are looking to get Golf Zero out on iOS by the end of February. Here's to hoping.</p>.

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